Language in the Classroom

Students making the transition from preschool or kindergarten to first grade have enough to prepare for. They don’t need to be struggling with language skills as well. Fortunately, students that complete our FasTracKids preschool enrichment programs have a strong advantage over their peers. Not only do they have more opportunity to interact with peers, they have the chance to expand their vocabulary, communicate with adults, learn about the English language and more.

English Language Learners

If we notice a child is struggling with language or is an ELL (English language learner) we’ll make sure to give them extra opportunities to build their language skills. Our preschool programs incorporate hands-on skill building experiments and lessons. Our learn-through-play curriculum means that even though children are having fun, they are still learning language skills at the same time. Our program is specifically designed so that your child is having so much fun that they may not even realize they are learning. That is the beauty of FasTracKids and a benefit that we find helps parents choose us over local competitors. Children participate in real-world role-play situations in which they can practice new words, phrases and communication methods. Doing this with both their peers and adults is great practice for the school classroom.

STEAM Builds Vocabulary

Since our preschool program is built on STEM/STEAM topics, your child is exposed to 5x the vocabulary than a typical day care or preschool. This additional stimulation is part of why our program is so successful. (Visit our Yelp page to read some parent reviews.) STEM/STEAM are in high demand, especially in New York City and Sheepshead Bay. If you want your child to learn more English words and build on their language skills, FasTracKids is the right program for your family. Our Explorers program is for ages 2-3 and our Discoverers program is for ages 3-4.

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