by Amy Aversano

The New York City Department of Education’s Gifted and Talented program is available to kindergarten to third grade children through the public school system. The G&T program is in such high demand that only about 12% of students who take the admissions exams are offered a position in a G&T class or school. Students must reach an eligible score in the top percentile in order to be eligible for one of the various programs around the city.

The admission requirements seem simple enough: the student sits an examination of puzzles and oral questioning that is meant to gauge the student’s IQ and places the child accordingly. However, without a proper and preliminary introduction to the testing material or exposure to test etiquette, the chances of your child achieving an eligible score decrease significantly. If you are interested in ensuring your student achieves an eligible test score, it is imperative that your child is exposed to the material and coached on test skills and behaviors before the day of the exam. In addition to providing a private G&T preparation course, Sheepshead Bay Preschool powered by FasTrackids helps with skills that are present on the test, increasing your child’s potential for an eligible score.

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Sheepshead Bay Preschool provides context which sets your child up for success when they are exposed to the testing material. The test, which is made up of two examinations, will require your student to listen to multiple step directions, complete patterns or group pictures in appropriate categories, and understand a specific set of vocabulary in order to answer such questions. Sheepshead Bay Preschool helps children with oral reasoning by learning directional vocabulary that is found on the examination. It is especially beneficial for English Learners. Students also are exposed to pattern sequencing and classification, which is not only significant for general childhood development, but comprises two complete sections on the test.

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To pass the arithmetic reasoning portion of the examination, students must have a deep understanding of numbers, not only being aware that numbers represents amounts but be able to do basic addition and subtraction in their head based off of a scripted oral question delivered to them only once. Sheepshead Bay Preschool powered by FasTracKids focuses on math and number awareness, which will increase your child’s ability in that skill set, allowing them a higher chance for success.

The journey to a Gifted and Talented program can be daunting for City parents. However, putting trust in a program that teaches to Common Core will not only further prepare your child for the examination, but also for the rigorous program that follows and eligible score.

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