Sheepshead Bay, originally named after the edible sheepshead fish that used to frequent the bay’s waters, is now home to a diverse population of families all with the same goal of providing the best and safest childhood experience for their little ones. As the neighborhood develops at a rapid rate, there are many activities and destinations, both educational and developmental, available for preschoolers who are growing into their own. Here are 9 activities and destinations for preschoolers available in Sheepshead Bay and the surrounding areas.


  1. The Canal: What locals refer to as “The Canal” is actually the bay of Sheepshead itself. Colloquially referred to as such due to the straightened banks and appearance of the beach across the way, The Canal can be a great day trip for your little ones to feed the swans, walk around the docs, and watch the fishing boats in action. There is also quite a bit of shopping and delicious food for parents to enjoy as well.
  2. Ocean Avenue Footbridge: Walking across the dock that links the Bay to Manhattan Beach allows your preschooler to explore human made infrastructure and to learn about the advances in human technology. The footbridge can be enjoyed in the warm summer, sunny spring, and cooler fall weather.
  3. Manhattan Beach: If you want a more low key beach trip than an exhausting day in Coney Island, Manhattan Beach is a perfect destination. Just south of The Canal, Manhattan Beach offers a relaxing day for the entire family. Perfect for a picnic, with grills available for a barbeque get-together, your preschooler can explore themselves in a safe space dip their toes in the waves without the hustle and bustle of a more commercial beach location.
  4. Manhattan Beach Playground: Formerly Pat Parlato Playground, Manhattan Beach Playground is home to Brooklyn’s original pirate ship. Your preschooler can run through sprinklers and planks while meeting new friends and exploring their new found social skills. Right off the Ocean Avenue Footbridge, you and your child can enjoy a day of nautical fun.
  5. New York Aquarium: This beautiful aquarium located right on the beach allows your preschooler to learn about and interact with the wildlife of the ocean. With daily penguin and otter feedings, aquarium quests, and a 4D interactive theater, the aquarium is a fun and educational day trip for preschoolers and parents alike!
  6. Fishing: You and your preschooler can learn the tricks of the fishing trade by boarding a charter boat along Emmons Avenue. With tickets costing between $30-70, your preschooler can discover a new hobby while fishing for bluefish, striped bass, or porgies.
  7. FasTracKids Sheepshead Bay Preschool: If you are looking for something fun and interactive, Sheepshead Bay Preschool’s FasTracKids summer camp is a perfect blend of education and fun. Sheepshead Bay Preschool offers a more hands on preschool alternative, where your child can enjoy themselves while slowly adjusting to the rules of school. You preschooler can participate in interactive classes for either single themed weeks at a time or the full summer for integrated classes with experiments and exploration of the self, preparing them more fully for kindergarten. Weekly themes include Artists’ Studio, Astronomy, and Dinosaur Exploration. Summer camp is learning cleverly disguised as fun, with interactive games and exploration leading to higher level thinking.
  8. Homecrest Playground: A local hotspot for Sheepshead Bay children of all ages. With handball and basketball courts available as well as sprinkler showers, your child can stay cool and stimulated all summer long. Children can make new friends and adults can meet old ones in this exciting and local destination for Sheepshead Bay residents to enjoy.
  9. Luna Park: Interested in an exciting day of rides and boardwalk fun? Luna Park in the neighboring Coney Island is a great adventure for your little one. With a variety of rides and carnival games, your child can explore and challenge themselves and rest on the beach after a long and exciting day.

Sheepshead Bay is historic and ever changing, adapting to accommodate the modern family. Whether you are thinking of relocating to Sheepshead Bay to provide a safe and exciting lifestyle for your child, or you live in a neighboring area and are looking for an explorative adventure, Sheepshead Bay has so many preschool friendly activities waiting to be experienced.